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Ian Walsh

“It really makes checking the surf as easy as checking your Instagram!”

- Ian Walsh
Big Wave Surfer

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Get outside with goFlow - the easiest way to find the best spots for your favorite flow sports.

goFlow is a free, fun and easy way to share Boating Coral Bleaching Cycling Diving Fishing Golfing Kitesurfing Paddleboard Skateboard Snow Surf reports and photos with people you trust.

Find Spots

Discover where the best conditions waves snow conditions are with goFlow.
The revolutionary sports boating coral bleaching cycling diving fishing golfing surf skateboarding snow sports app connecting the global sport boating coral bleaching cycling diving fishing golfing surfing skateboarding snow sporting community.

Share Reports

Share a Boating Coral Bleaching Cycling Diving Fishing Golfing Surf Skateboarding Snow Report in under 15 seconds.
Easily describe the current boating coral bleaching cycling diving fishing golfing surf skateboarding snow conditions using the “sea”, “wind” and “visibility” “”, “” and “” “texture”, “wetness” and “weather” “visibility”, ”strength” and “marine life” “amount”, “size” and “weather” “wetness”, “speed” and “crowd” “wave”, “wind” and “surf” “texture”, “wetness” and “crowd” “snow”, “weather” and “crowd” condition tool-sliders.

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Share Photos

Share photos, stories & messages.
View photos from your friends and people you follow, in one simple stream and see what conditions are really like.


Stay connected and up to date with your friends’ sport activity.
See where your friends were sailed reported cycled dived fished golfed paddled out skated skied . Chat with friends or locals to know before you go.

Ian Walsh

Big Wave Surfer Ian Walsh joins goFlow.

MAUI’s big wave rider, Ian Walsh is always in search of the next big swell, and goFlow’s main mission is to help surfers quickly find their perfect wave so they can spend less time on land and more time where they want to be – in the water.

“For years I’ve been thinking about a better and more reliable way to get local surf reports.” Says Ian. “Usually I just call friends to see where they surfed and how it was and go based on who I trust most. Then I came across goFlow and it was essentially that. It allows me to see where my friends have been surfing and how good it was in one easy step. It really makes checking the surf as easy as checking your Instagram!”

goFlow in the News.


“I wouldn't just put my name to something like this, but the goFlow app, which just launched, is interesting in a few ways. Basically it is a real-time surf report that's supported by your friends or people you follow.”
- ESPN X Games

Surfing Magazine

“Ian dedicates a large part of his time tracking large swells and weather conditions across the globe with the expertise of Stormsurf, goFlow’s swell forecasting partner. Ian brings extensive knowledge as a big wave and global surfer to goFlow and the future development of the app.”
- Surfing Magazine

Transworld Business

“Roni Eshel has been surfing for as long as she can remember. The former pro surfer and Israeli women’s surf champion says she has been blessed to have traveled the world and visited the most beautiful places and amazing waves, but what she was truly searching for she could not find.”
- TransWorld Business

Transworld Surf

“I had an interesting conversation with Maui’s Ian Walsh last night. He’s teamed up with the folks from goFlow to help them with an app that allows surfers worldwide to share photos, get surf reports, and find good surf. ”
- TransWorld SURF

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